8 Fun Ways to Use Your Manhattan Roof Garden

NYC rooftop gardens have the intrinsic advantage of being smack in the middle of one of the world’s most intriguing cities, so might as well incorporate that New York cosmopolitan lifestyle into your green space and use it for some good ol’ fun!

Its position at the pinnacle of your building makes it perfect for engaging in exciting activities that might otherwise be less entertaining at the ground level. So here are 8 great ways you can enjoy your Manhattan roof garden and make practical use of your landscape design Manhattan.

1. Throw a party

Whip up a few hors d’oeuvres, call up some friends and throw a rooftop party! The sound waves from the music and chatter will largely dissipate before they reach the neighbors, so you won’t have to worry about disturbing anyone.

2. Sunbathe

Put on your bikini, or board shorts, layout a beach towel on the decking and get your tan on! Being on the roof means you can catch a lot more rays than you would if you were on the ground.

3. Miniature Golf

Install a miniature golf course in your roof garden and practice your putting whenever you’re itching to enjoy a good golf game.

4. Star gaze

Explore the night sky with your favorite telescope, and see if you can spot any popular constellations.

5. Do yoga/Exercise

Pull out your exercise mat and venture up to the roof in the early in the morning, before the sun is at full strength, or in the evening just before dusk, and get a good workout.

6. Host a business meeting

Make your next business meeting a little more interesting and move it from the boardroom to your serene outdoor space.

7. Movie night

Get a large white screen, a projector and DVR player, and watch your favorite movie while under the night sky. It’s even more fun if you invite a couple friends over for the show.

8. Get married

Plan a scenic rooftop wedding for your nuptials with the beautiful New York City skyline as your backdrop.

These are just a few of the fun ways you can make use of your rooftop garden. If you have any other cool activities in mind, do share with us in the comments so we can give them a try too!

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