How to Choose the Best NYC Landscape Architect

If you are planning to upgrade the façade of your Brooklyn brownstone with a beautiful green-scaping solution, your first consideration should be to choose the best brownstone garden designer who can translate your design aesthetic into a stunning yet functional green space.

Such gardens often require landscape maintenance service NYC in the long-run, so the perfect candidate should offer that too. Here are a few more things you should consider when choosing the best landscape architect for your particular green-scaping project.


Ideally, the contractor you choose should have verifiable references who can attest to the quality and durability of their work. Be sure to ask the references about their experience with the company’s customer service, communication, and maintenance record. It would also be great if you could see an example of their finished work in person so you can get a visual on what they can deliver.


Your chosen landscape architect should be properly qualified for the job you expect them to undertake. They should have advanced training in structural planning, horticulture, water use, drainage and other relevant areas that may factor in your green-scaping project.


Your designer should be knowledgeable on landscaping trends, endemic flora that will thrive in your area, climate conditions, and all other variables that may influence the outcome of your project.


Never assume that the person or company with the highest quote will be your best choice by default. Your best landscape designer should be able to flex to meet your budget, rather than try to force a high cost on you. Select the landscape architect who will deliver the results you need without dishonoring your budget
Generally, the company’s reputation should suggest that they will deliver exactly what you need – an impressive green space that you can enjoy for a long time to come.

How did you find your NYC landscape designer? Share your selection criteria with us in the comments

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