3 Important Questions For Your Landscape Designer NYC

Modern landscape design can be a complex process, which why it is always best to commission the services of a professional when undertaking to install a private green space at your home or commercial building. This does not mean you should be hands off during the design and building process of your exclusive New York garden. Before settling on a particular designer or firm, or even after you’ve chosen your preferred professional, there are some key questions you should ask to ensure that the final product will best suit your needs.

Have you done this before?

Experience is valuable in this field, and an experienced designer will be more in tune with the requirements for successful completion of your project. Enquire about previous similar jobs and request references where available. A designer who has previously completed several terrace decking Brooklyn projects is more suitable than an inexperienced one. If possible, verify their qualifications so you can ensure that your chosen landscape designer is truly equipped with the required knowledge and expertise to deliver the green space you need.

Can this fit within my budget?

The possible price tag on an urban green space can vary significantly, so be sure to communicate your budget clearly, and find out whether the elements you desire will fit into your budget. Terrace decking Brooklyn, for example, may include water features, but does your budget allow for the added cost? Likewise, a rooftop garden has other cost considerations that you may not think of. So be sure to get a clear picture of the total cost of your project, so there are no unpleasant surprises along the way.

How will I maintain it?

After your beautiful green space is complete, it is now your job to maintain it! In some instances, firms will offer a maintenance service to keep your garden as lush and functional as possible, but most times, you will need to perform the upkeep yourself. Take care to find out the needs of the foliage in your garden, plus tips on maintaining your decking, seating and all other features of your private green retreat.

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