Which Water Feature is Best for Your New York Garden?

The quiet rush of an elegant waterfall is the ultimate relaxing sound after a long, hectic workday. Waterfall creations New York can be a beautiful and therapeutic addition to your private green retreat and will enhance the overall look and feel of your garden sanctuary. Landscape design services include several variations of water features that you can choose to install in your New York garden. You can settle on one of these types of water gardens, or go for a combination of two or more.


These vary from small tabletop waterfalls, to mammoth creations that inspire wonder and awe. Landscape design services can customize a waterfall to suit the space you have available, which will serve as a visually intriguing element in your private garden. Waterfalls can be created with rock formations, sculptures, or any other architecturally unique design your landscape architect may dream up. Maintaining a waterfall usually involves keeping the water clean, and ensuring the pump is sediment-free and operates as intended.


A fountain is an architectural creation that pours water into a basin or jets it into the air for a decorative or dramatic effect. Fountains are quite mesmerizing to look at, and can vary in size and design depending on your available space. Your designer can get very creative with this element and deliver a stand-alone fountain, or one that empties into a connected pond. Maintaining your fountain will be similar to maintenance of a waterfall, which involves keeping the water clean, and servicing the pumps.


A pond is a shallow water body often with its own ecosystem of aquatic plants and/or small animals, like fish, or frogs. Inject life into your private sanctuary and commission a beautiful pond with an active ecosystem to bring a taste of the wild into your New York garden. Ponds are often the catchment for garden waterfalls, fountains or streams, and tend to require more attention than other types of water features. You will have to take care to maintain the delicate ecosystem of your pond.


A stream is a running body of water that is confined within a bed, or bank. A private stream will usually require more space than most other water features, and they often end in a pond, or waterfall. These river-like creations can prove to be quite therapeutic, simply by sitting near the running water and enjoying the relaxing sounds. Like all other types of water features, these require frequent maintenance to keep the water clean and algae-free.

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