How landscaping designs are incorporated on the different levels of your house?

Landscaping is an amazing art to redesign the dull and grey areas of your house. It holds extra special importance in the urban house styles where absence of greenery is often spotted. However, landscaping in modern urban lifestyle can be seen in residential as well as commercial areas to beautify the ambience around. The use of green plants and colorful flowers in the dismal atmosphere of a place not just rejuvenates that particular area, but it maintains a healthy lifestyle too. Learn more about modern landscape designs for urban houses.

Several people are unaware of the fact that landscaping designs can be incorporated on the different levels of a building. There are different levels of a house or a workplace on which scenic landscapes can be created, such as roofs, terraces and ground. Here you will learn how the various parts of indoor and outdoor of your houses can be transformed into breathtaking sites.

Rooftop gardens

Roof acts as the covering layer of a building and protects it from harsh weather, dust and rain. This particular area of a building usually remains bland and plain. Modern landscape designers apply innovative ideas to convert these bland areas of your house or office into gorgeous and appealing sites. Definitely the inspiration of amazing rooftop gardens come from the stunning Hanging Gardens of Babylon.

Courtyard gardens

A courtyard is the open wide area of a house or office that is covered by walls or buildings. Usually a few plants or trees are seen in such area, which is not enough to fill-up empty dull spaces in a courtyard. It is better to transform this part of a building into a peaceful hued sanctuary where you can take refuge to forget the distressful anxieties of the world.

Terrace gardens

A terrace is the extended and paved part of a house or a building where people love to gather up and enjoy morning teas or evening brews. Modern landscapers incorporate amazing landscapes into the terraces with the help of soothing waterfalls, colorful flora, and garden statuettes. With the help of garden furniture, a terrace garden can be a peaceful sanctuary within the boundary of your houses.

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