Six Simple Tips To Keep Your Rooftop Garden ‘Alive’

You must be in love with your rooftop garden. After all, it creates ambience where you can share relaxing and enjoyable moments with your friends and family. It is the place for you where you can spend a few moments with yourself enjoying amidst peaceful green plants around there.

But, you can relish all these beautiful moments if your garden is well maintained and clean from plants residues. Taking care of a rooftop garden is found to be a daunting task by many rooftop landscaping owners in New York City. If you find so, then you must go through this blog. Here you will find six simple maintenance tips to keep your garden beautiful as it has been always.

Choose native plants

Try to incorporate native plants as they are most likely accustomed to the weather and soil of conditions of the region you are putting up. Such plants thrive year-after-year without any extra care needed.

Create your own space

Try to concentrate your efforts in an area of the landscape. The area around the porch, patio or deck is best for landscaping.

One pot for plants

Plants with similar needs can be grown together in a pot. This simplifies watering, and looks great

Build a border

Build a border around perennial beds, vegetable gardens and other spaces to prevent grass from creeping into the garden. You can also use stone or brick to create a clean finish.

Cover the soil

Blanket the soil with easy-to-grow invasive sedum to add color and texture to the area, preventing growth of weed. You can also incorporate cocoa hulls or pine straw to ward off growth of weed.

Pruning is essential

Regular pruning of plants stop them to go beyond their intended site and encourage healthy growth as well. The habit of pruning trees and shrubs would help you maintain beauty of your garden.

If you hardly get time to take care of your garden, then you should call professionals offering maintenance service for rooftop garden in NYC.

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