How Can You Landscape Your Garden?

Greening Stone

Have you ever thought that the idle space in your front yard can be transformed into a relaxing landscape? Today, that area may be looking idle or just a space to park bikes to you. But, by changing its contours or adding ornamental features, that space can be enthralling enough to spend the ‘Me Time’ or special moments with your family and friends there.

So, what are you waiting for? Having a beautiful landscape in front yard does not cost you much, but there are certain essentials that need to be considered to liven up that space.

There is not hard and fast rule to follow, use given-below tips to make drastic changes to your so-called inactive space.

Do not limit your imagination: Be imaginative as you can while giving shape to your garden. Make curves on the floors echoing symmetry of your house. Once you have the perfect shape, you can use sand to mark the edges.

Do away with the grass: The second thing you should is remove the grass with spade of sod cutter.

Dig it up to remove unwanted elements: Now your efforts must be concentrated on removing rocks, roots, weed and debris from the ground.

Test the soil: Now, you should test the soil to make user it productive enough for the plants you are planning to plant. You can add organic matter to boost up soil’s quality and productivity as well.

Time to planting: Once the soil has passed the productivity test, it is the time to plant the shrubs and flowering plants in the ground.

Edge the new bed: Draw a trench about 8 inches deep to stop grasses and other invasive plants crawling into the garden. This trench would help you maintain the shape of the garden to a greater extent.

Take care: It is your duty to take care of your garden. Regular watering, adding fertilizer, and spreading mulch would help you keep your garden healthy and green.

The entire process of modern landscape design calls for your attention and efforts. You can also seek help of professional companies offering services for landscape design in NYC to make your garden an extension of your living standards.

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