Why Rooftop Gardening Has Become so Important?

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Besides being a quite retreat, a rooftop garden can have many benefits. In this post, we’ve compiled a few of the most important advantages that you can draw while having a rooftop garden.

  • First: A rooftop garden, if conceived well, won’t eat a lot of your realty space. Further, these green spaces add a new dimension to your otherwise gray urban landscape. In a couple of European countries—such as Switzerland—laws are in place to design new buildings so they accommodate rooftop gardens. (As per the law, existing buildings in the area should allocate 20 percent of their total space for building a garden or a green space.)

  • Second: Rooftop landscaping can also allow you to be eco-friendly, too. If a rooftop garden space is well maintained, it’ll help in absorbing carbon dioxide and in bringing down the air pollution level. Apart from this, such spaces will avoid flooding, improve storm water runoff, and reduce the chances of water pollution.

  • Third: Let’s talk of realty value, now: A well-pruned green area that sits atop a building will improve its realty value. The realty value of a building will increase once the structure’s aesthetic value will improve, and that value will improve only if your building has a USP—such as a rooftop garden.

  • Fourth: A garden area can be an excellent temperature regulator. A rooftop garden can shade the house from sun’s rays during sweltering weather; whereas, the same garden area can even protect a home from frigid winds.

  • Fifth: Last but not least, a rooftop garden area can be used for growing vegetables and fruits, too. (However, for that, you’d require the services of a professional NYC rooftop gardens designer if you aren’t a qualified horticulturist or an avid gardener.)

So if you have a little space on your building’s roof, why not use it for having an eye-pleasing garden.

Top 2 Reasons for You to Have a Rooftop Garden

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Many prefer the conveniences that a city life brings over the open spaces of countryside. However, a city dweller always has a wistful memory of the open green spaces. Now, the memory needn’t be wistful as you can create that green open space in your own city apartment, too (provided you’ve got the terrace area).

Yes, you can have a rooftop garden where you can also grow some nice vegetables and fruits (if you’re being assisted by a qualified rooftop gardens NYC service provider or an experienced botanist). Anyway, we’ve got two reasons why you should invest in a rooftop garden if you’ve got a terrace area that’s being abandoned and soon becoming a home to rodents. Let’s read up on these reasons, now.

When privacy is what you seek

A green roofs NYC garden area will let your special moments with families, friends, and loved ones remain private. If you want your family gatherings to be a private affair, such a garden area can make that happen. A terrace area is adjacent to other terraces; but if your terrace area will have a garden, it’ll not let any onlooker (from other neighboring terraces) to spy out in your gatherings.

Gardening as a workout

In today’s busy life, it becomes a bit tedious to make time to go to parks for a walk or to visit gyms regularly. For many, household chores are the only exercise. So, why not try gardening as an exercise? Because even few research works point that doing gardening for thirty minutes every day has its own health benefits. In thirty minutes, you can not only burn a lot of calories digging and weeding but also improve your flexibility.

So, now, since you know the importance of rooftop gardens, why not have one. You’ve to just take time out of your busy schedule every day to develop a garden area. However, if you’re unsure about the endeavor, hire a qualified gardening service provider today.

Top 3 Benefits of Having an Artificial Waterfall in Your Yard

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The swish that an outdoor fountain produces can be a treat for the ears of many. Everyone—including business customers and guests—can get enchanted by a well-placed artificial waterfall. Such waterfalls can be located in any green area—a front yard, a backyard, a private garden, or a public seating area.

The appearance and the sound of a clear water feature creation, flowing smoothly through a landscaped green area, are appealing and can sometimes uplift a person’s mood. Keeping in mind the aesthetic importance of an outdoor fountain in your green area, we are sharing a few of its benefits.

The calmness that lies in the sound of flowing water

Since time immemorial, Buddhist monks use water features in their gardens for meditating. The flowing water has calmness and soothing effect that can help meditating more effectively. Any well-designed and well-maintained outdoor water fountain has stress-reducing capabilities, too.

Birds will fall in love with your newly added water fountain

If you have the hobby of feeding birds, install a fountain in your green area as they are in love with water. Birds require water to drink, bathe, and preen; so giving them a well-designed and properly maintained outdoor fountain in your garden can help. Further, birds like running water than still water, so outdoor fountains can be apt for them.

Customers love it, too

If your office has an abandoned green area, you should consider landscaping the garden and decking it with an outdoor fountain. We emphasize the installation of fountain because it will help in impressing (and soothing) your customers.

Because of all these benefits, you can consider installing an outdoor fountain. And if you are looking to design a beautiful outdoor fountain, which can complement your garden area, get in touch with a water feature designs NYC service provider.