Rooftop Landscape Design NYC to Beautify Your Home Surroundings

rooftop landscape design NYC
rooftop landscape design NYC

Nowadays, different types of garden designs are provided by the professional landscape designer companies when it comes to choosing the beautiful garden theme. The rooftop landscape design NYC not only enhances the natural beauty of your living spaces but also comprises of lots of additional benefits. Here are some of the benefits of having rooftop landscape design NYC at your place:-

Benefits of rooftop landscape design NYC

  1. Enhance the resale value

Increase in the value of your home is one of the most obvious advantages of having a beautiful and graceful rooftop garden. The rooftop garden offers a naturally beautiful ambience at your roof top as well as raises the re-sale value of your property.

  1. Increases the roof life

The green roof plays a vital role in protecting the roof membrane of your building from any kind of climatic extremes and physical misapplication. Ultimately, it increases the life expectancy of your roof wall.

  1. Protect against heat effects of the sun

Roof gardens are highly beneficial for regulating the temperature of your house or building. It helps in keeping your home cool in summer season by protecting it from the heating effects of sun. On the other hand, it will keep your ambience warm and cozy during winter season by retaining heat in your house.

  1. Helpful in managing rainwater

Green roof top gardens are capable in absorbing nearly 75% of rain water which ultimately reduces the risks of floods. It can reduce the chance of water run-off by up to 50-90% according to their design pattern.

  1. Social benefits

Planting garden on the ground or on the roof top provides a great place for your enjoyment, relaxation and an opportunity to keep in touch with the nature’s beauty. By installing patios, plants and gardens you can enhance the beauty of your surrounding which looks great.

  1. Purify air

We all know that plants are responsible for producing oxygen and removing CO2 (carbon-dioxide) from the air. Apart from this, plants are also beneficial in trapping the airborne particles on their leaves by up to 85% and purify the air.

If you are also planning to install rooftop landscape design NYC for your building then you should approach the well-experienced and knowledge company which provides excellent services of rooftop landscape design NYC.

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