Find a Skilled Architect for Landscape Design in NYC

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A beautiful landscape has several benefits. If designed properly, it can add a significant aspect to your property in an impressive way. Today, the importance of a greenery backdrop in a property is somehow beyond the conventional conception behind creating a landscape. We can create a health-friendly environment around us with green landscape that comprises of green plants, flowers, and other vegetarian foliage. Some of the landscape designs in NYC are exclusively made to advance the appearance of your property in your own way. But it all depends on the architect whom you have selected to design the landscape.

Here some points have been mentioned that your select landscape designer involves in his/her designing procedure. You also understand the procedure that your architect is going to apply.

Site inspection:

To create a beautiful landscape design in NYC, the architect first of all conduct a site inspection and get accurate site measurement, create a development plan, and select appropriate plants in accordance with the location. Depending on your requirements, the designer starts developing your preferred countryside design.

Discussing on your needs:

With increased preference for very specific landscape, an expert landscape designer discuss thoroughly to make you understand the way your landscape is being designed.

Contract documentation:

A professional architect does always involve a proper documentation before creating the landscape. In addition, the professionals do discuss all the points mentioned in contract so as to make everything clear.


Doing research on the type of plants and flowers is truly an essential thing which probably all landscape designers do before starting to create a beautiful landscape. Their research work may involve the study on the flowers, plants, and other green foliage that suit your location. Some of the sceneries for green roofs NYC do require very specific type of plants and foliage.

4 Tips to Choose the Best Landscaper

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Selecting a landscape designer, who can rejuvenate your otherwise languid and dull garden area, is important. Having an experienced and trained landscaper by your side can also improve your home’s value, too. So, now, how to select the best landscaper? Do not scratch your head as we have compiled a list of tips that can help you to get the services of the finest of landscape gardeners.

First, know your requirements

Before choosing a landscape designer, you have to understand your requirements. Know which type of landscaping style you want your garden area to sport. However, many commoners do not know which style will be apt for their garden area. In that case, contact an experienced local landscaper who, if needed, can also visit your garden area to suggest you the style that will complement your garden space.

Visit the selected landscaper’s website

Thanks to the Internet, many landscapers have their websites, now. With these sites, contacting them has become easier; you have to just visit the website, see the landscaper’s services, and choose accordingly. One more benefit of having websites: You can also view the landscaping company’s portfolio and its past work.

Check for references

Some leading landscapers offer their client’s references on their sites. If that is the case, you can also check with the past clients of your probable landscaper and get the true information about the company’s services.

Know the cost

Sometimes, your budget can prevent you from selecting the best landscaper. For that reason, it is necessary to know the charges of the landscape design NYC service provider; see if you can haggle. Plus, you can also know the cost by requesting the service provider to give you a specific quote of all the gardening work that will be carried out in your project.

With these tips in your mind, you can lay hands on the finest of landscapers in your area.

How Can You Landscape Your Garden?

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Have you ever thought that the idle space in your front yard can be transformed into a relaxing landscape? Today, that area may be looking idle or just a space to park bikes to you. But, by changing its contours or adding ornamental features, that space can be enthralling enough to spend the ‘Me Time’ or special moments with your family and friends there.

So, what are you waiting for? Having a beautiful landscape in front yard does not cost you much, but there are certain essentials that need to be considered to liven up that space.

There is not hard and fast rule to follow, use given-below tips to make drastic changes to your so-called inactive space.

Do not limit your imagination: Be imaginative as you can while giving shape to your garden. Make curves on the floors echoing symmetry of your house. Once you have the perfect shape, you can use sand to mark the edges.

Do away with the grass: The second thing you should is remove the grass with spade of sod cutter.

Dig it up to remove unwanted elements: Now your efforts must be concentrated on removing rocks, roots, weed and debris from the ground.

Test the soil: Now, you should test the soil to make user it productive enough for the plants you are planning to plant. You can add organic matter to boost up soil’s quality and productivity as well.

Time to planting: Once the soil has passed the productivity test, it is the time to plant the shrubs and flowering plants in the ground.

Edge the new bed: Draw a trench about 8 inches deep to stop grasses and other invasive plants crawling into the garden. This trench would help you maintain the shape of the garden to a greater extent.

Take care: It is your duty to take care of your garden. Regular watering, adding fertilizer, and spreading mulch would help you keep your garden healthy and green.

The entire process of modern landscape design calls for your attention and efforts. You can also seek help of professional companies offering services for landscape design in NYC to make your garden an extension of your living standards.